Götz Ardey and Domien De Ruyck signing the Cooperation Agreement

Skyguide and Intersoft Services sign Cooperation Agreement for CNS Drone SkyRF®

Geneva/Zottegem, 01 February 2024 – Intersoft Services and Skyguide, the Swiss Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), are combining their forces to develop and deliver performance measurements of CNS equipment by drone, for purchase or measurement-as-a-service.

CNS Drone SkyRF® supports commissioning, certification and maintenance of ILS, DME, TACAN, VOR, RADAR and PAPI/VASIS.

With the new product line SkyRF®, CNS measurements-as-a-service enable customers to eliminate the training and investment previously needed. The SkyRF® service allows for short-term, one-time or recurring measurements with high accuracy and reliability. The dedicated equipment on board the SkyRF® drone and its software platform were specifically designed for measuring navaids and radar performance in the far field. SkyRF® has a low operational impact, minimising runway downtime and environmental impact.

This Cooperation Agreement leverages the great synergies between Intersoft Services and Skyguide to satisfy the growing demand for our renowned CNS Drone SkyRF® solution worldwide.

Götz Ardey and Domien De Ruyck signing the Cooperation Agreement
Klaus Meier and Thorsten Oelgart signing the Cooperation Agreement
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