Game changing Non-Rotating Arrays

Intersoft Electronics offers NORA® Non-Rotating Arrays for S-Band and L-Band primary radar and for SSR/IFF systems. NORA® systems differentiate thanks to their unrivalled performance at a competitive cost point.

The NORA® concept is based on a circular array, rather than the more common multi-faced planar (flat) arrays. This results in less beam degradation when the electronically scanned beam is pointed off the antenna boresight, maintaining near equal performance at all scan angles.

Opposed to mechanically rotating antennas, the electronic rotation of NORA® offers multiple useful scanning modes and beam agility.

NORA® systems offer even more advantages over their rotating siblings:

  • lower maintenance costs
  • higher reliability
  • a high degree of integrability

NORA® systems are available for civil and military applications.

Non rotating antenna

Why non-rotating?

Detection performance

Electronically rotating antennas offer much more flexibility than their mechanical siblings:

  • multiple modes of operation: continuous rotation, confirmation look-backs and sector scanning
  • longer dwell times or higher update rates with dual surveillance beams
  • combined surveillance and tracking beams
  • customizable beam patterns

Total cost of ownership

Reduced lifecycle costs

  • no rotary joints and bearings to be maintained and replaced periodically
  • less system downtimes due to modular design and high level of redundancy
  • lower overall power requirements thanks to efficient power distribution
  • light weight eases transportation and installation and reduces tower requirements

More than just an antenna…

Integrated power electronics, and more

The non-rotating antenna integrates power amplifiers and power distribution close to the radiating elements. This makes the system more power efficient, more reliable and further reduces the cost. The receiver electronics can also be highly integrated and the internal space of the cylindrical design leaves plenty of room for further hardware integration and maintenance activities.

Stronger together

Intersoft Electronics works with radar manufacturers and integrators to create the surveillance systems of the future. Our mission is to make the skies safer. We do this by providing technological solutions that meet the needs of users. We ensure that all stakeholders, radar users, manufacturers, integrators and society, benefit from the realization of these projects, be it economically, technologically or operationally.


Want to know about the ins and outs of Intersoft Electronics’ non-rotating antenna systems?

Download this whitepaper. It explains the key concepts and highlights the advantages for integrators and operators.

Whitepaper non-rotating antenna technologies