High-quality, vertically integrated manufacturing

Advionics, an Intersoft Electronics Manufacturing company, provides unique one-stop-shop services, based on quality, reliability and manufacturing excellence. The entire production process is based on the principles of lean manufacturing. We cover a total product life cycle from development, prototyping, industrialization, procurement, production, up to maintenance and repair, customer support and obsolescence management.

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CNC milling of complex structures
High reliability PCB assembly and coating
Sub assembly and system integration
Product and system testing and qualification

As a fully vertically integrated manufacturing partner, we can work with our customers from the design stage through to the realization of the most efficient product. That means that we have the capabilities to support mechanical design, PCB design, RF design and digital and software design.

Manufacturing for…

Civil aviation

Complex high-tech products, compliant to industry-standards


State-of-the-art components compliant to military specifications


High-precision, high-reliable components for space applications


Up to gigahertz RF electronics for telecom and other RF applications

Mechanical parts production

A fully installed CNC milling center with an automated warehouse provides 24/7 mechanical parts production. The complementary smaller CNC milling stations guarantee flexibility to meet the customer’s demands for the production of mechanical parts. Our machinery is equipped to mill multiple materials with focus on aluminum alloys.

Our competence in mechanical parts production consists of the complexity of structures to be milled. High depth to radius ratio (>10) or small wall thickness (<1mm) means no challenge to us. Mechanical parts are produced by several 4-axis horizontally milling machines and additional turning lathe. In order to prove accuracy, all parts are measured by means of 3D coordinate measuring device.

However, we don’t stop at milling, deburring and other traetments are at least as important for (airborne) electromechanical parts as milling itself.

  • As a standard, all our mechanical parts get a vibratory finish. The vibrating interaction of water, compound, media and our mechanical parts produces the required surface finish and deburring. It is followed by a visual inspection and manually deburring where necessary.
  • For some very complex or larger products, milling is not an option and aluminum casting is required. However casting hasn’t the precision of milling. We have a substantial experience to mill your casted product to the precision you want.
  • To give your milled parts the best protection possible, we can provide them with a protective chemical coating, to prevent corrosion.
  • Parts also can be finished with protective paintwork. We offer wet paint spraying and can accomplish all of your demands.
  • We perform also the assembly of different mechanical part production. There are no restrictions concerning the kind of connection: welded, glued, screwed with or without screw thread coils, press fitted, etc.

Circuit board assembly

We are expert with the supply of PCB assemblies which meet the highest quality and reliability standards for defense, aerospace, space and avionics.

Our in-house procurement department has established close partnerships with multiple PCB fabricate houses so that we can propose the right match for your needs (urgency, design complexity, volume and cost). We have full capability and state of the art machinery to assemble all types of SMD components, such as 01005 chips, µBGA, POP, placement, leadless devices and odd-form components.

Conventional leaded components are prepared in-house and are selectively soldered or – if possible – through intrusive soldering. For over 20 years we have been soldering complete boards onto silver or gold plated cooling plates and housings for high frequency applications using our vacuum equipped vapor phase soldering machine. Soldering inspection according to IPC-A610 / J-STD-001 is completed through AOI, high resolution X-ray and microscope by a very experienced staff.

Conformal coating (UV or non-UV) of the circuit board assembly is accomplished by means of a Nordson Asymtec and PVA coater. If desired, the boards can be cleaned ultrasonically or conventionally. Since most of our customers did not shift to lead-free, all our processes are equipped for both lead-free and lead-based production. The production is driven by our Production Support Software that enables paperless manufacturing on each workstation. Full traceability can be offered.

For the production of your circuit board assembly we have a fully equipped Class 10.000 Clean Room.

System assembly and integration

As a one-stop-shop we can integrate the produced subassemblies, cables and PCB’s into racks. Those racks can be standard of the shelf or customized to your needs. Integration of your own modules into a system is also an option.

Given the fact that we have all competences and machinery in house we can act very fast to any last minute change during integration or even during your Factory Acceptance Test. Qualified people perform electrical safety tests on your racks and are in close contact with test institutes to perform EMC measurements on your products.

  • Mounting, gluing, interconnecting, wire wrapping, sealing and pressure testing of all types of sub-assemblies
  • If the positioning of components or backplanes is critical we build tooling to guarantee the interchangeability of your products
  • Labeling of the products and configuration management is a standard practice
  • Production of cables, cable assemblies, wire harnesses and RF cable assemblies, custom-made and according to IPC-620

Testing and qualification

Every product is tested prior to shipping thus ensuring our customers the highest quality standards and fit for purpose. All our products undergo stringent environmental and stress screening tests (temperature/shock/vibration) in specialized test rooms.

  • Testing boards, modules and complete systems
  • From DC up till 24 GHz
  • Flying probe testing
  • Power supply’s with remote control loads, RF modules with network-, spectrum- and/or peak power ananlyzers.
  • In-house calibration department