Technology, aviation and rockin’ people

Intersoft Electronics provides state-of-the-art technology for the aerospace industry. It also houses high-tech Manufacturing facilities and a growing Services organization. With a pedigree of 40 years in design, development, manufacturing and field services, Intersoft Electronics has become a reference in radar technology and CNS services worldwide.

Think global, act local

We work with partners worldwide and grow our services organization to support our customers worldwide. We want to be literally and figuratively close to our customers, so that we can best empathize with and serve their daily needs. Our local employees and representatives, as well as their customers and business partners, can count on the support from subject matter experts located in our knowledge centers in Belgium and Florida, USA.

Our Core Values

Our people all rock in their own way and together we are an ambitious international organization. We live up to our core values: well-being, creativity, collaboration and respect. This translates into our ethics focus areas, which we proactively implement.





Ethics Focus Areas

  • We take care of our own physical and mental health, ask for help when needed and help others where we can.
  • Our innovative solutions sprout from creative minds who dare to express ideas, give and accept feedback and acknowledge each others complement.
  • We work to make this world a better place, we apply our knowledge, our skills and our creativity for the good.
  • We comply to rules and regulations in the countries where we operate and respect local cultures.

Promise to society

We are committed to making a truly positive impact on the world in which we operate as a leading technology company. We do this by focusing on our values and ethics. We develop technologies, products and services to create value for our customers. We believe that acting as an integral partner in the value chain, based on mutual respect and understanding, is key to addressing environmental, social and macro-economic challenges.




Our rock stars testify…

Tom De Wit, Engineering Manager

Every day I’m amazed by the achievements of our engineering team. I’m grateful to work with all these passionate professionals.

Tom De Wit, Engineering Manager

Since I joined Intersoft Electronics in 2005, I’ve seen the organization grow steadily, and I had the opportunity to develop my skills along the way. Many colleagues have become good friends and sports buddies.

Lesley Vandecruys, Finance Accounting Officer

Lesley Vandecruys
Jan Van Gent,

Intersoft Electronics is an amazing team of people with the most remarkable interests and an ambitious drive.

Jan Van Gent, CCO

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