Service Life Extension Programs

Airspace is changing. Are your systems ready?

Upgrade your radars

Upgrades are a budget friendly way to bring your surveillance radars on par with the current state of the art. Modules of the Next Generation System Platform (NGSP®) integrate easily with a wide range of ASRs and long range radars, as well as military systems.

Reasons to upgrade

1. Extend the service life of your system and 2. Make it better

changing airspace environment

The airspace environment has been changing ever since the Wright brothers conquered the skies. Recently, however, the pace of change has accelerated, driven by rapid advances in technology.

  • increasing air traffic density
  • drones and small Radar Cross Section (RCS) targets
  • wind farms
  • 4G/5G and other high frequency interference

Air traffic control systems must meet ever-increasing demands and often struggle with common problems such as clutter suppression and weather phenomena such as anomalous propagation.

Obsolete electronics

Obsolescence is often the catalyst for a system upgrade. As technology advances, components are no longer supported and complete systems risk becoming unreliable.

Obsolescence is one of the motivations for moving away from monolithic system design to a modular approach.

While modularity has become common practice in software design, many legacy radar systems are still monolithic hardware blocks. Replacing components is often a messy business involving error-prone soldering and tinkering.

NGSP® is the answer!

Next generation System Platform (NGSP®)

Steroids for your radar

The processor electronics are typically the first subsystem to become obsolete or perform below expectations. Intersoft Electronics designed the NGSP® with flexibility in mind. It consists of exciter, receiver and processor electronics and has been used to upgrade a wide range of different primary and combined radar systems, from ASR / Terminal Approach, Gap Filler, Precision Approach to en-route and long range 3D military systems.

NGSP’s flexibility lies in its modularity. It’s a scalable system that can be integrated on dual-beam and multi-stacked-beam radars, easily combined with Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR), and configured to be fully or partially redundant. Many modules can be replaced and reconfigured in-line without downtime.

NGSP® enhances overall detection performance and provides comprehensive monitoring and data analysis capabilities to improve understanding of system status and situational awareness. It incorporates patented algorithms that address new challenges in radar signal processing.

Stronger together

Intersoft Electronics works with ANSPs, military users and integrators to extend the service life of operational radar systems and upgrade their performance. Our mission is to make the skies safer. We do this by providing technological solutions that meet the needs of users. We ensure that all stakeholders, radar users, integrators and society, benefit from the realization of these projects, be it economically, technologically or operationally.