Drone based CNS measurements

SkyRF® is the drone platform delivering radio frequency (RF) measurement services for performance analysis on Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) systems. The dedicated equipment onboard SkyRF® and the software platform were specifically built for measuring CNS performance in the field. Measuring and analyzing signals at elevation was never before so easy, accurate and reliable. SkyRF® complements ground measurements and reduces the need for flight checks by up to 50%.

SkyRF logo

SkyRF® applications


  • Custom measurement services for communication systems
  • Telecom, PAPI, GBAS, …
  • Measure communication systems while flying a single predefined trajectory


  • Integrated ILS-DME measurement
  • Integrated VOR-DME measurement
  • Assess the performance of the ILS Localizer (LLZ) and the Glideslope (GS)
  • Mini-Approach test scenario flies the drone on the glidepath and allows to quickly measure LLZ and GS simultaneously
  • Live streaming of measurement data during flight


  • Integrated radar measurements
  • Horizontal and Vertical Polar Diagrams (HPD and VPD)
  • Predefined trajectories for multiple HPD/VPD measurements in a single flight
  • Compatible on a wide range of PSR and SSR/IFF systems
  • Live feed during measurement flight

Take CNS measurements to the next level

SkyRF® is the most cost effective service for reliable and accurate CNS measurements. It operates manufacturer independent and is available for ANSP’s and military CNS users.

  • Reduce flight checks by up to 50% according to ICAO directives
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Faster, cheaper, less administrative and logistic overhead than real flight checks
  • Accuracy, repeatability and reliability exceeding industry standard