How would you design an airport surveillance radar?

Modular design

is the key to highly configurable, scalable, maintainable and cost-effective ASR integration and operation

Advanced technologies

address new challenges in the changing airspace environment and improve detection performance

Sustainable aviation

Modular design and advanced technologies contribute to sustainable aviation and safer skies.

Together we make the sky safer

Stronger together

Intersoft Electronics works with radar manufacturers and integrators to create the surveillance systems of the future. Our mission is to make the skies safer. We do this by providing technological solutions that meet the needs of users. We ensure that all stakeholders, radar users, manufacturers, integrators and society, benefit from the realization of these projects, be it economically, technologically or operationally.

ASR-M® highlights

Modular Design for Infinite Service Life

  • Added value for the ASR operator and for the system integrator/manufacturer
  • Modular processor, receiver, transmitter and antenna systems for complete ASR
  • Easy integration into new and existing system designs, scalable according to budgets
  • Replace, reconfigure and calibrate modules in the field with minimal downtime

Modular ASR design is the gateway to infinite service life in an environment of rapidly expanding system capability requirements and rapidly evolving technologies.

Advanced Technologies for Safer Skies

  • Advanced Processing Technologies address emerging challenges such as air traffic density, wind farms, 4G/5G interference, drones, etc.
  • Unrivalled detection performance
  • Thorough understanding of system status and situational awareness thanks to comprehensive monitoring and data analytics

Sustainable Aviation

  • Simplify maintenance and lifecycle management
  • Highly configurable with minimal spares requirements
  • Upgrades or new features can be added throughout the life of a system
  • Less downtime, less scrap and a maintained state of the art

Improved detection performance and solutions to emerging challenges contribute to safer skies and enable aviation to coexist with other technologies competing for the skies.

ASR-M® insights

Want to know more about ASR-M®?

Download this booklet! It summarizes how ASR-M® adds value for all stakeholders, from radar manufacturers, over integrators to civil and military operators and maintenance organizations.