Radar subsystems for OEMs and for upgrades

Intersoft Electronics provides state-of-the-art technology for radar system integration, upgrades and service life extensions. The modularly designed processor, receiver, transmitter and antenna subsystems provide a technology platform that allows for a flexible approach to civil and military radar projects, ranging from Airport Surveillance Radar to multibeam long range air defense systems.

The innovative Next Generation System Platform (NGSP®) is the core for both, brand new OEM radar systems and service life extensions of legacy systems. NGSP® provides a new take on radar design, adapted to the new challenges for air traffic control and the fast paced technological advance. It’s a concept for radar manufacturers as well as for ANSPs.

Modular ASR solutions for upgrades, service life extension and new system integration
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Design for sustainability

Emerging challenges

The so-called emerging challenges are not so emerging anymore. Windfarms have been around for decades by now. Not only recent 4G/5G but also 3G base stations and other high frequency sources interfered with S- and L-band surveillance systems, already many years ago. The increasing air traffic density – and with that the higher need for air traffic safety awareness – can hardly be called an emerging issue either. So, what is the real challenge for contemporary air surveillance?

The real challenge

The real challenge is the speed at which technologies develop. New technologies drive the rapid change in air space environments, but legacy radar technology lags behind. New radar technologies are available though, but operational systems have a typical lifetime of 20-30 years. Replacing those monolith systems by new, state-of-the-art monolith systems weighs too heavy on the budgets. Note that the development cycle for a complete radar system counts many years. It can take a decade between the initial conception and a validated system when you start from scratch.

In fact, it’s not the radar operators, but the manufacturers and the integrators who own the real challenge. How will they design new systems that can keep pace with advancing technology?

Sustainable radar design

Intersoft Electronics learned from its Service Life Extension Projects (SLEPs) how to design modular radar subsystems. The Next Generation Signal Processor (NGSP®) formed the cornerstone for advanced signal processing technology on legacy radar. The portfolio extended to complete modular ASR systems, from antenna to plot output, for multiple applications, civil and military, land based and naval.

Intersoft Electronics’ radar modules are not only offered for SLEP and upgrade to ANSPs and military users. They are also integrated by manufacturers in their new systems. Approaching a new radar system design as a SLEP from the start allows to keep pace with new technologies and keep the budgets under control. Software is updated from remote and hardware modules can be replaced in-line. The system remains fit and offers an infinite lifetime.

Advanced Processing technologies

Modern airport surveillance radar (ASR) must incorporate innovative algorithms to address the challenges of the changing airspace environment. Air traffic density increases, low radar cross section (RCS) targets fill the skies, windfarms create false detections and 4G/5G frequencies interfere with radar. Rest the more common issues of clutter suppression and weather phenomena like anomalous propagation. New technologies offer solutions and create other opportunities. Extracting accurate height information is such a novel feature of modern ASRs.

Intersoft Electronics’ Next Generation Signal Processor (NGSP®) incorporates patented algorithms that address those challenges. The overall NGSP® technology advances way beyond legacy PSR performance.

Read in this Advanced Processing Technologies Whitepaper how the key algorithms work.

Advanced Processing Technologies

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