CNS Drone SkyRF

CNS Drone SkyRF® at IFIS 2024

IFIS, the International Flight Inspection Symposium, showcases innovations in communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) inspection. The event is internationally recognized as the reference for all those involved with CNS systems. The 22nd edition of IFIS will be held July 8-12 in Nagoya, Japan.

Intersoft Services, together with partner Skyguide, will present the maturity and ongoing development of the CNS drone SkyRF® measurement system.

After the presentation of the first successful deployment at IFIS 2018 and the analysis of the first 4 years of operation at IFIS 2022, a second generation of the CNS Drone SkyRF® has been jointly developed by Skyguide and Intersoft Electronics. The new transceiver from Intersoft Electronics is not only able to measure LOC, GP and DME simultaneously and in high resolution, but also VOR / DME, RADAR and any other CNS equipment.

How these measurements are performed is explained in a comprehensive white paper. The paper also describes the CNS Drone SkyRF® measurement system and lists the benefits, backed up by concrete examples. For example, you can read how the pre-commissioning of a new ILS in Zurich was reduced from 3 weeks to only 8 hours.

Another interesting topic that this paper touches upon is how ICAO Doc 8071, the Manual on Testing of Radio Navigation Aids, which defines the scope of testing and measurement of subject systems, is adapted with significant contribution from our 6 years of experience.

The latest major developments of the CNS drone SkyRF® measurement system open new horizons in terms of CNS measurement techniques with extended range and BVLOS flights.