RASS 8.0 Toolbox

RASS 8.0 release

Intersoft Electronics proudly announces the release of RASS 8.0. This major update of the respected Radar Analysis Support Systems software is an important step towards a unified solution that will enable different users to select and access exactly the tools they need.

RASS 8.0 provides a single coherent portfolio with a single user philosophy and a familiar user interface, integrating the RASS-S, RASS-R and RASS-M product families. The current release integrates the original RASS-S and RASS-M application. The RASS-R tools will be included in a later release. RASS 8.0 has several new features, tools and bug fixes, but the biggest reveal will be the updated Application Interfaces and Toolbox.

The RASS portfolio has three functional branches: generation, recording & analysis and real-time monitoring. Generation tools include Intersoft Electronics flagships, the Radar Environment Simulator (RES) and Radar Target Generator (RTG). Recording & analysis tools cover the complete chain from antenna to dataline, as well as mechanical and environmental testing. Real-time monitoring includes a wide range of tools to monitor both, the radar performance and the system status.

RASS 8.0 is the default toolbox for radar operators, technicians and engineers. RASS tools are being used since the nineties by an increasing worldwide customer base of ANSPs, maintenance organizations and radar manufacturers. All customer with an active maintenance contract on one of more RASS tools will be able to transfer to this new RASS 8.0 software.

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