ILS replacement Santa Maria

ILS antenna replacement Santa Maria

Intersoft Services Iberia replaced the Antennas of the ILS18 at Santa Maria airport, located in the Azores. To verify the correct alignment and configuration of both the Localizer (LLZ) and Glide Path (GP), SkyRF® measurements were executed.

ILS replacement Santa Maria

This project consisted in
👉uninstalling the existing antenna systems (Localizer antenna array, including masts, cables and networks and the GP antennas, cables and network)
👉installing and commissioning of the complete ILS,
👉ending with a successful Flight Check!

The drone based SkyRF® measurements save NAV Portugal, the country’s ANSP, time and money on Flight Inspections.

👉 SkyRF measures the LLZ and GP simultaneously. These measurements are more precise than the conventional Flight Inspection due to the differential GNSS (RTK) and Mission Planner software. Every measurement can be repeated, flying exactly the same trajectories and measuring exactly the same signals.
👉 The measurements were planned the day before the official commissioning of the ILS with the Flight Inspection aircraft. Consequently, all the widths and alarms could be pre-configured, saving time and money during the actual Flight Inspection.

SkyRF trajectory

👉 SkyRF eliminates the drawbacks of Ground Measurements such as screening, multipath and interference. By measuring the CNS systems with the utmost accuracy and precision in the Far Field with a drone, the real signal-in-space can be evaluated.

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