SkyRF demo

SkyRF® demo’s

At Intersoft Services, we frequently demonstrate our SkyRF® measurement capabilities.

SkyRF demo

👉 SkyRF® is a drone-based platform for measuring the performance of all kinds of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance systems. Those entail Instrumented Landing Systems (ILS), Distance Measurement Equipment (DME), VHF Omnidirectional Range transmitters (VOR) and radar, among many others.

👉 For instance, for ILS SkyRF® can perform a full maintenance program, constituting of 6 Glide Path (GP) elevation profiles, 4 Localizer (LOC) and GP mini-approaches and 6 LOC lateral orbits.
It only takes 5 minutes to run the full GP maintenance program, 4 minutes for the LOC and GP course structures and another 6 minutes for the full LOC maintenance program. All participants in our SkyRF® demos are amazed by the efficiency of those measurements.
On top of that, SkyRF® measurements demonstrate an excellent correlation with flight check results and prove a great repeatability.

👉 Are you interested in assessing the performance of your CNS as well? Then get in touch, and we will be happy to invite you on one of our upcoming demos.

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SkyRF demo ILS