Radar Upgrades

When a radar system reaches a certain stage in its planned life, owners are faced with the difficult and expensive challenge of maintaining operational capability.

Emergent environments and changing requirements provide additional challenges such as:

  • Windfarms
  • Increased EM pollution from industrial, commercial and domestic sources
  • Heightened demands from mobile phone service providers and other microwave spectrum users
  • Increased air traffic densities

Intersoft Electronics' Service Life Extension Programs (SLEP) are a cost effective solution to alleviate component obsolescence, which can create soaring maintenance and support costs and in turn can reduce the performance and reliability of an ageing radar system. A SLEP can also enhance the performance capabilities of a radar to meet the changing environment.

Intersoft Electronics® provides their Radar Upgrades based on a range of System Modules.

These include:

Radar Upgrade Projects Timeline