Radar System Solutions

Intersoft Electronics® provides system components to radar manufacturers and other business partners, allowing them to supply custom radar solutions to their customers. Using the NGSP® technology platform, Intersoft Electronics has developed the ASR-M® concept, a modular approach for the enhancement of airport surveillance radars. ASR‑M allows a scalable configuration of transmitter and processor elements, according to the customers’ needs.

Using the ASR‑M concept Intersoft Electronics has defined several standardized configurations, ranging from a small tactical gap filler system to a medium range, dual redundant airport surveillance radar system with dual beam transmission capabilities.

Intersoft Electronics has further strengthened the company’s role as the leading radar technology provider with the development of a non-rotating antenna technology. The L-IESA® (L-band Intelligent Electronically Scanning Array) antenna platform opens new possibilities for radar system integrators to provide primary and secondary radar systems using a virtually rotating antenna.