Next Generation
Signal Processor

Intersoft Electronics’ Next Generation Signal Processor (NGSP®) is a flexible and scalable signal processing platform.
NGSP can be used over a wide range of radar types, from two beam short range airport surveillance radars to long range multibeam military air defence radars.
Intersoft Electronics® uses the NGSP platform in their Radar Upgrade programs, provides NGSP to radar manufacturers for use in their new radar systems and in bespoke radar solutions to specific customers requirements.

The picture shows a typical NGSP configuration for dual beam Airport Surveillance Radar applications.

  • Intersoft's NGSP includes it's patented Vertical Clutter Cancellation.
  • NGSP offers protection against interference and jammers. Electronic counter-countermeasure (ECCM) options are available for military radar systems.
  • 3D height makes it possible to separate the wanted from the unwanted targets. Finally a classification of these unwanted targets becomes possible.
  • Weather detection is an option when dual beam processing is used.
  • Recording and playback of radar data makes it possible to further investigate and analyse certain events.