SSR Environment Simulation

The Radar Environment Simulator (RES28x) simulates your radar's environment, including up to 2000 SSR or Mode-S targets, reflectors and LVA antenna behavior on RF level. This is done by injecting into the antenna connectors of your radar all the required RF signals that would occur in real life situations, hereby reacting correctly to the radar's interrogations as real transponders would do. The aim of this is to present a known reference environment to the radar and compare the radar output data to the input scenario.

The RES28x can also be used to investigate the performance of an ADS-B ground station by providing an artificial simulated environment at RF level. After a simulated environment is injected in the system the output of the ADS-B receiver will be compared to the known input.


Max nr of targetsUp to 2000/scan, including reflections
Max nr of overlapping targets (garbling simulation)4
FRUIT generationUp to 22000 FRUIT/sec per channel
Programmable frequency targets1087-1093 Mhz
Accuracy azimuth< 22mdeg; Range < 10m
Target power output+5…-60dBm at RES® output
-25…-90dBm at radar input

Product highlights:

  • Full simulation of horizontal and vertical Mono-pulse SSR antenna diagram
  • Path loss simulation
  • RES operates in master or slaved mode to radar rotation
  • Up to 1750 ADS-B targets on top of radar target

The Transmitter Test Bench (TTB930) is designed to measure essential SSR transmitter parameters (interrogations) and assist in the interfacing between the radar and the IE RES28x (Radar Environment Simulator). Interrogations are continuously measured by the TTB930; it can be used with or without the RES.

The TTB930 software measures the critical parameters of the 1030Mhz interrogations such as timing, pulse shape, frequency and phase contents sent by the SSR radar for MKX (M1, 2, 3, C), Mode 4, Mode-S and Mode 5 interrogations.

To allow the RES28x to detect and decode Mode 5 interrogations and generate Mode 5 replies and reports according to agreed pseudo encryption and decryption algorithms, Intersoft Electronics® developed a separate hardware box called the Radar Simulator Extension (RSE760). For more information about the RSE760, please contact