Our Company

Intersoft Electronics®, founded in 1983, has been on the forefront of ATC radar technology for more than 30 years. Our corporate headquarters are in Belgium where also our R&D activities take place. Through our regional offices and partners, we have a global presence.

Our Radar Analysis Support System (RASS®) product family was introduced in 1995. Since then it has become the world wide standard for radar performance measurements and evaluation. Our RASS equipment is used by manufacturers and users of radar systems (primary and secondary radar), as well as for navigation aids such as ADS-B and Wide Area Multilateration.

The expertise that Intersoft Electronics has acquired over the years has resulted in technologies to upgrade and improve existing radar systems. Our Next Generation Signal Processing (NGSPĀ®) platform has been implemented in over a hundred military and civil radar systems, to enhance the performance and / or extend the service life of these systems.

From radar measurements and evaluations to upgrades and maintenance, our knowledgeable staff can help you with all your questions related to the performance of your radar systems, anywhere in the world.

Intersoft Electronics NV is part of the Intersoft Electronics Group of companies.

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The innovation leading European radar technology, equipment and service provider, delivering efficient, sustainable, high quality, surveillance solutions for Air Traffic Control and Air Defence.


We make the sky safer, inventing radar technology and delivering surveillance solutions to our partners worldwide.

Our Objectives

  • Provide manufacturer-independent Radar Analysis Support Systems to owners, maintainers and operators of radar and other surveillance systems.
  • Provide Radar Upgrades to enhance detection capabilities, provide higher reliability and address obsolescence issues.
  • Provide realtime surveillance monitoring systems to provide key performance statistics and provide advanced notification of system failures within a surveillance network.
  • Maintain a continuous improvement methodology in order to design and manufacture more efficient analysis tools to provide greater benefits to the radar and surveillance community.
  • Create and deliver unique solutions through consultation with our customers.
  • Protect the best interests of our employees and customers.