RASS-S Training Tool - DTI529
The Intersoft Electronics Didactical Test Interrogator has been conceived as a light-weight instrument developed to simulate the basic signals of a surveillance radar. Except for the power aspect, the DTI529 will thus mimic the behavior of your surveillance radar. In order to improve the degree of realism and with the user comfort in mind, the structure of the instrument also resembles the normal radar systems module with monopulse output.

Originally the DTI529 was developed to support the training of the IE RASS-S tools. It allows the radar engineers to practice its main functionalities without the need to have a radar available. In the context of the RASS toolbox the DTI529 is mainly used to compare the different analysis methods. It thus becomes a functional reference tool offering a way to improve the reliability of the conclusions drawn from the test analyses.

Application for the DTI529 include;

  • Generation of simulated HPD diagram
  • Generation of ACP-ARP rotation
  • Generation of modulated Downlink diagram on 3 channels
  • Real 3 channel monopulse receiver for receiver calibration measurements
  • STC simulation for receiver measurements
  • Simulation of 4 separate data streams for data recording training

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March 10 - 12, 2020

Madrid, Spain
IFEMA, Feria de Madrid

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