RASS-R Training
RASS-R Foundation
  • Description
    • This provides basic software module training (eg. DHM) where trainees are taught the functions and interrelationships of the RASS-R software modules and the introduction to the possible types of data recording, data display and analysis.
    • This training is supplied as part of your purchase of RASS-R.
  • Prerequisites
    • Previous training in a radar discipline and/or 1-2 years experience with radar
  • Accreditation
    • Foundation Certificate
RASS-R Practitioner
  • Description
    • Practitioner level training is where trainees are taught to apply RASS-R in a quality of service methodology on the customers own particular radar configuration. This provides the customer with the skills and knowledge of any special techniques necessary to successfully conduct Level 1 Performance Evaluations on their own radar systems. Trainees will also be required to demonstrate their competency to conduct a Level 1 Performance Evaluation, perform the analysis and generate a report.
  • Prerequisites
    • RASS Foundation Certificate
    • Assisted with minimum 2 RASS-R Level 1 Performance Evaluations with a certified RASS-S Practitioner
    • Must have configured RASS-R system for realtime analysis in an operational multi-sensor environment
  • Assessment
    • 80% pass mark
  • Accreditation
    • Practitioner Certificate
RASS-R Expert
  • Description
    • This is the final level of training. This training is where trainees are taught how to develop test techniques using RASS-R to provide complex data analysis of radar systems. These students will then be able to apply the use of RASS-R across any type or configuration of radar system.
  • Prerequisites
    • RASS-R Practitioner Certificate
    • Minimum 4 years practical experience in the application of RASS-R in an operational environment encompassing;
      • Minimum 4 RASS-R Level 1 Performance Evaluations;
      • Body of evidence in RASS-R real time monitoring analysis for the most recent 2 years
  • Assessment
    • 90% pass mark
  • Accreditation
    • Expert Certificate

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March 10 - 12, 2020

Madrid, Spain
IFEMA, Feria de Madrid

Booth 891





The latest software releases
of RASS-S v.7.3.0 and

RASS-R v.3.8.3 are available
on FTP for customers with a maintenance contract

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