Performance Evaluations
While Intersoft Electronics (Head Office) have performed performance evaluations on a regular basis for a long time, it is the Australian office IE Asia-Pacific that now offers this service in a more structural way as described below. IE Asia-Pacific has developed a detailed series of test documents and procedures, utilising RASS, that directly relate to the relevant level of Radar Sensor Performance Analysis. Please refer to our Product Description Document and Sample Report for Performance Evaluations.

Level 1

  • A RASS Level 1 evaluation provides a near real time monitoring of key radar quality parameters on a 24/7 basis.
  • Key performance parameters are monitored through trend analysis to ensure correct operation of a sensor.
  • These analyses are completed through the use of the RASS-R family of COTS products.
By monitoring performance trends it is possible to provide early detection of system degradation before system failure occurs.

Level 2

  • A RASS Level 2 evaluation provides a detailed technical analysis of the performance of the individual sub- systems that comprise the radar system.
  • This analysis will result in definition of the sensors coverage capabilities and operational performance capabilities and/or limitations against established standards or requirements.
  • The level 2 evaluation is conducted using the RASS-S family of COTS hardware and software components.
A baseline evaluation can identify the reasons for possible performance degradation of a radar sensor. The baseline evaluation also provides the ability to test the efficacy of the radar sensor's optimisation.

Level 3

  • A RASS Level 3 evaluation can be a single or multiple series of special tests designed to assess a radar system at a deeper level than the tests conducted in a sensor baseline evaluation. These tests are typically conducted during Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) or Site Acceptance Testing (SAT).
  • Level 3 evaluations are made using the RASS-S family of equipment as well as specialist COTS equipment such as the Radar Environment Simulator (RES) and Radar Target Generator (RTG).
A special evaluation can also be used to assess the readiness of a radar sensor for flight inspection by injecting MSSR or PSR targets and comparing the results while the radar is working in its full operational state.

IE can develop specialised test documentation and procedures to meet any specific requirement.

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