RASS Users

RASS Users are World-wide and comprise of civil and military ATC and Air Defence organisations, radar/radome manufacturers as well as National Administrations and ANSPs.. Some of our major customers have multiple systems in use, as one can see in the following graph:


In addition, 76 RASS-S systems, 11 RES/RTG target generators and 54 RASS-R systems have been sold to other customers including (but not limited to): ATNS South Africa, ATSA (Bulgary), Royal Australian Air Force, Austrian Air Force, Austr Control, AVINOR, Belgian Air Force, Belgocontrol, Boeing, Brazilian Air Force, CAA UK, CAA China, CYTA, DFS, DHMI (Turkey), DMKLu, FINAVIA, GCAA-UAE, German Air Force, GMAPSA, HCAA (Greece), HAF, INVAP, ITT Industries, LVNL, NAV-EP, Naviair, Northrop Grumman, Portuguese Air Force, ROMATSA, RYMSA, Skyguide, Slovak Republic CAA, STNA, Turkish Air Force, US NAVY,...

The following map shows a graphical overview of the RASS users:
Project References

  1. COBRA(Germany) (NAMSA and EADS)
  2. PAR80 UPGRADE(Germany) (SELEX Gematronik)
  3. Radar Recording and Replay for LEFCO Project (Cyprus) (SELEX SI)
  4. Pre-Operational European Mode-S POEMS (Belgium) (EUROCONTROL)
  5. Automatic Test Platform for SSR radars (Germany) (EADS)
  6. Moving Platform Simulation with DIS (IEE1278 ) interface for RES28x (USA) (Boeing)
  7. Mode 5 Target Simulator extension for RES28x (Germany) (EADS)

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The latest software releases
of RASS-S v.7.2.9 and

RASS-R v.3.8.2 are available
on FTP for customers with a maintenance contract

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