Primary Radar Extractor

The PRE790 Primary Radar Extractor is developed

  • to extend the life span of an airport surveillance radar (ASR) system and
  • to improve its performance.

It was initially developed for a Thomson TA-10 ASR but can easily be adapted for similar radars.

The main step in the radar upgrade is the replacement of the full receiver processing unit, resulting in an immediate improvement by use of state-of-the-art radar processing techniques.

  • The video data is aligned with the timing signals (ACP, ARP and trigger) through the PSR Controlled Timing unit (PCT791) and UTC time stamped via the GPS450.
  • A processing server performs the extraction, combining and tracking function.
  • A monitoring pc runs a Data Handling Module (DHM) with Multi Radar Display (MRD3) and has Control And Monitor (CAM) software to control the PRE790.

After installation, all radars were tuned by using the RASS-S toolbox. This setup is currently installed at 3 Belgian military airfields: Beauvechain (Q1 2007), Florennes (Q2 2007) and Kleine Brogel (Q1 2008).

Airport Surveillance Radar (TA-10 ASR) Upgrade - System Overview

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The latest software releases
of RASS-S v.7.2.9 and

RASS-R v.3.8.2 are available
on FTP for customers with a maintenance contract

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